Our mission statement

Connecting lives & strengthening communities through world-class broadband service.

Arriva is driven by a mission to connect lives and strengthen communities through world-class broadband service. Our roots trace back to humble beginnings in small-town, Mississippi where the business was born with an unwavering commitment to service and connection. Today, as a family-run business spanning multiple states, we honor that legacy while embracing innovation and growth. From tradition to trailblazing technology, Arriva believes in the power of connection. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, supporting the communities we serve, and empowering brighter futures.

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What We Believe

Our Core Values

From small-town beginnings to multi-state operations, our family-owned business has combined tradition with cutting edge technology advancements for over a century. Our experience and drive to innovate will bring even more opportunity to the communities we serve in the next century.  Our commitment to you remains:

Tradition with Innovation
Blending heritage and values with forward-thinking approaches to drive progress.
Outstanding Customer Care
Providing exceptional support and tailored solutions for every customer.
Fairness and Integrity
Upholding ethics and transparency, fostering trust and equity in all endeavors.
Team and Community
Cultivating community engagement, enriching lives beyond business.

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Our customers are amazing!

Being new to the area of only a few months it was so rewarding to see such wonderful people that are so kind and willing to help in the time of need. Mr. Ethan gave me his undivided attention in taking care of me as and making sure all the i’s are dotted and t's crossed. All I can say is your company is in very good hands with this young man and he has a bright future. Thank you Mr. Ethan for everything.
HUGE improvement on internet QUALITY and RELIABILITY compared to Spectrum in Chickamauga. Switched from cable to fiber. It's always on. It is fast. I work 9hr shifts online from home and my work is noticeably smoother and less frustrating without the constant network timeouts from packet loss I was getting with cable. And it's cheaper! They're easy to get ahold of by email or phone when you need something and they do a great job without constantly pushing you to buy more stuff and bombarding you with junk mail.
Best internet ever!! We got a mesh system for our house and no lag or breakup of internet! Smooth sailing!
We had a problem and called it in. Within 2 hours the crew came by and fixed it. Courteous, efficient, local.
Super nice ladies in the office always in a great mood! I look forward to my next visit.
I have your service and work from home. Service is fast and great.