Fulton Telephone Company Is Now Arriva Connect: Refocusing with New Identity and Leadership

Fulton, MS – [FEBRUARY 19, 2024]

Fulton Telephone Company (FTC) is rebranding, along with its parent company, Fail Telecommunications Corporation, to Arriva Connect (Arriva).


Arriva, which translates to arrive, represents the company’s arrival into the next generation of new, enhanced connections, and a renewed commitment to innovation and growth. “Fail Telecommunication’s legacy of connecting Mississippians through exceptional service dates back a full century to 1923.” said Ali Alexander Phillips, Arriva’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Our rebranding is much more than a simple name change. It’s redefining who we are and who we are becoming, which is more than just your local telephone provider. Along with our rebranding, we are welcoming new management and new faces to FTC, soon to be Arriva.”


Arriva Connect will both improve current services and provide affordable broadband connectivity to many more unserved households in the future.

“Today’s user wants fast, reliable internet at an affordable price for working remotely, online education, gaming, entertainment, and staying connected to friends and family all over,” said Jason Gassaway, Arriva’s Outside Plant Manager. “We are investing in both our future and our children’s futures while bringing top-tier connectivity to our service area.”


For more information, visit our brand-new website Customers can anticipate a seamless transition experience, characterized by a smooth onboarding process and continued excellence in service.

About Arriva Connect



As a 100-year-old, fourth-generation, woman-owned family business based in Mississippi, Arriva Connect stands as a bridge between the past and the future. More than a service provider, Arriva is a conduit for growth and innovation. With roots that trace back to a simple commitment to service and connection in small-towns across Mississippi, the legacy of Fulton Telephone will continue to thrive as Arriva, embracing innovation and growth while preserving core values of fairness and integrity. With an unwavering mission to deliver exceptional service, support the communities served, and light the path to brighter futures, the Arriva team believes in the power of connection to empower communities and transform lives.


For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact:
Ali Alexander Phillips
Chief Marketing Officer
Arriva Connect